Friday, June 24, 2011

(KG) Learning how to make Paper Pulp

For these projects we decided to make paper pulp using newspaper, water and glue.
We soaked the scraps of paper for two hours. This made the paper very soggy, which helped it to blend well.
We knew our paper pulp was ready to use, when we could not see individual pieces of paper.
We drained the remaining water and added the glue. 

Making a flower using our paper pulp.

Learning how to make paper pulp.
We had fun watching the paper dissolving in our hands.

Adding colorful clay pieces to our paper pulp flower.

The younger students used paper pulp to outline the shape of the fish.
We used colorful paper to complete our project.

Wrestling to get the paper in our hands.

Making a sunflower with our pulp paper.

Student comment: : " The paper pulp feels hard today".

Student comment: " The googly eye is not paper".

Student comment: "I don't think I want to color the paper pulp".

Someone was thinking of food.

Beautiful paper pulp flower.


  1. Questa idea è interessante, è nuova per me. Grazie

  2. Google translation (Italian to English): This idea is interesting, and it is new to me. thanks

  3. I'm an italian teacher and a mum. This blob is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


  4. oh! Now I see where the leftover paper pulp is coming project!

  5. These flowers are joyous, congratulations for the imagination.

    The olive tree is the symbol of peace and it's beautiful, in my house there are olive trees.

    Thank you