Saturday, November 5, 2011

(G1,G2) American Indian Legends and Symbols Part II

For this project the students were given the choice to  create works based on two sources: The Legend of the Bluebonnet  by Tomi DePaola, and  Native American Crafts by Judith Hoffman Corwin
We discussed how the spirit of nature is important to Native Americans in the design and decoration of the objects they use in their daily lives. Their rich culture was based on their respect for the natural world around them; the Earth, sky, wind, rain, animals, plants, fire and water, the sun, the moon, and the stars.

O our Mother the Earth,
O our Father the Sky,
We bring you the gifts that you love.
Then weave for us a garment of brightness;
May the warp be the white of morning.
May the weft be the red light of evening.
May the fringes be the falling rain.
May the border be the standing rainbow....
       __ Tewa Song, Southwestern Pueblo

This student created a rainbow based on the Tewa Song.

Creating the symbol of sun 

Creating a collage composition based on  the book: The Legend of the Bluebonnet.

The Bluebonnet flower based on the book: The Legend of the Bluebonnet.

A collage composition of the rain falling based on the Tewa Song

The blue feathers that decorated the little girl's warrior doll based on the book: The Legend of the Bluebonnet.

Chief's Blaket based on the book: Native American Crafts
For this Navajo blanket the student used stripes and diamonds, a design called Eye Dazzler.

The student created a Mimbreno eagle ( The  Mimbrenos lived about a thousand years ago along
the Mimbres River, in what is now New Mexico. Their designs show the animals of the Mimbreno world- the people's "wild brothers." )  Based on the book: Native American Crafts 

The student created a work based on images of Southwestern Jewelry

Creating a turtle by using rows of geometric patterns  based on Ute designs.

Creating a bug based on images of Southwestern jewelry. 

Learning about the importance of the horse for the Ute people of the Great Basin.


  1. Un bello y colorido trabajo recordando la presencia de los indios, un trabajo precioso y con una gran gama de colores. Un abrazo

  2. Beautiful work, congratulations to your students
    I am fascinated by the customs and rituals of American Indians.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Really amazing compositions. My favorites are the last two.

  4. Such beautiful colors! Please pass it on to your students how much we love these!

  5. They are so TALENT! Rich colors and so lovely work of arts.

  6. Love these Native American interpretations & the Paul Klee heads below are so vibrant & happy!

  7. Great collage paper choices! Did you have your students "pre make" the collage papers or are these from a collection that you have kept from past creations?

  8. Molly,

    Some collage paper was "pre make" and some was paper from past projects.