Friday, June 17, 2011

(Pr-K) The art of collage. A project based on the book: "The Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle)

One of our favorite authors is Eric Carle.
In the story the seeds are getting in trouble, while our little friend manages to escape.
It is a wonderful book about the cycle of all plants as our tiny friend becomes a giant sunflower,
which then produces more seeds in its turn.

We read the story and examined the illustrations.
We discussed Eric Carle's method of collage.

Eric Carle.
The author and illustrator.

This seed gets too close to the sun.
Using a variety of paper to create our sun.

Student comment: "My giant seed was not smart and died".

The dessert prevents the seed from growing.
Creating a collage by using a variety of textures. 

Looking at Eric Carle's illustrations and creating our own.

The ocean is not a place for a seed to grow.
We used fabric flowers for the lighter blue.

This bird is not hungry anymore.
Student comment: "The bird can not see our little seed, because
it is behind him".

This seed becomes the meal of the mouse.
Student comment: "Our little seed is very smart".

Working on foot painting.
The things we do for art!

The little seedling did not make it.

This student enjoyed having his foot painted.
He forgot to complain about the color pink.

Adding the details to complete our illustrations.

This hand is about to cut the flower.

Our friends working on the petals of our surveying flower.

The little seed is now a magnificent giant flower.

Our flower is five feet tall. 

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  1. Love the foot painting! (You are brave. Very brave.)

    I think I've said this before, but I like how you include the student comments with the photos. It shows their thought process and they are absolutely adorable:)