Monday, June 27, 2011

(G,3) Compositions in chalk and oil pastels.

Using our fingers to blend the colors.
We used different tools to add texture to our compositions.

No brushes for this compositions.

 Creating lines and patterns with different tools.

In creating interesting designs, sky was the limit.

The final product.

  The effect of soft pastels.
Observing the difference in using oil and chalk pastels.

Our fingers are often the best tools.

Observing the difference in using markers and chalk pastels.

This student was a little timid in the beginning using her fingers.
The fear is gone!

 Trying to create a point of interest.

Student comment:  "My yellow flower protects the hearts".

Working slowly to complete our design.

Working with both hands.

Creating textures.
A balanced composition.

Student comment: "The red flower is the point of interest; but I like my clouds too".


  1. I love the combination of the smoky quality of the chalk pastels and the boldness of the oil pastels.I think the next to the last one might be my favorite.

  2. Tecnica originale (lavorare con le dita), la proviamo. I lavori sono bellissimi!

  3. Tatiana's comment
    Google translate (Italian to English)

    Original technique (working with the fingers), the feel. The works are beautiful

  4. Fantastic use of colours, we too have moved on to oil pastels, i truely love all the inspiration you give us, this is more colourful ideas to share with Nga Tamariki Aotearoa (our children in NZ).
    I think we are making our private blog open, can we invite you to view that also.

  5. Kerri,

    I will be happy to view your new blog.