Saturday, August 18, 2012

Using wood to create 3-Dimensional art (Part II)

For this part of wood exploration, the students used a variety of wood scraps in order to create a colorful composition.
The students also had the opportunity to explore the art of pyrography. We learned that pyrography can be translated as "writing with heat". We looked at pictures of the variety of pokers that artists use, and discussed how different temperature is applied to the heated area of wood in order to create dark lines and shading.
The students did a great job creating designs using the burner pen, and some of them even managed to write  their name.

Creating designs on a wooden surface was challenging.
The wood is not as smooth as a piece of paper and often absorbs paint faster.   
The pyrography experiment is placed in the middle of the composition.

 Learning how to hold the burner pen correctly was essential for this project.
We went over the safety procedures in detail.

We learned quickly that we can burn the wood if we remain on the same spot longer than needed.
Student comment: " I smell the wood burning".    

Practicing writing letters.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Using wood to create 3-Dimensional art (Part I)

For this project the students used a variety of wood strips to create a 3-Dimensional art work.
The students had a choice to create an objective or a non-objective piece of work.   
It was interesting to watch the students as they were trying to decide on what wood pieces they needed to use in order to build their wood composition. 

Student comment: " My design reminds me of the rays of the sun."

Working on decorating the background paper.

Student comment: "I can sail away in this ship."   

Creating prints using styrofoam sheets for the background paper.

Creating a frame using a variety of wood. 

Making decisions on how to incorporate scraps of paper to the background paper.

Creating prints using the styrofoam sheets.

Student comment: "I made a giant dragonfly."

Student comment: "This is my star design."

Student comment: "I like grids."

Student comment; "I made a robot."

Using a variety of acrylic colors to complete the wood composition.

Student comment: " This is my living room ."

Student comment: "I made a Tree House."

Student comment: "I can swim as fast as Michael Phelps."

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Art Treasure Boxes

For this project the students were free to choose from our two art treasure boxes.
The first group decided to create architectural compositions by using long wooden sticks and paper plates.
The second group decided to use paper and acrylics to create flowers with interesting colorful patterns.