Saturday, November 13, 2010

(KG) The flowers of Georgia O'Keeffe (2/2) Studio lesson

Project objective(s):
-Create a flower as if you were Georgia O'Keeffe
-Use a variety of lines in order to create an original composition
-Practice color fencing
-Learn about the properties of water colors

Discussing the art process and exchanging ideas is how we learn in art

The student understood how to use lines to create an original composition

"Blue is my favorite color"

"I made the red circle in the middle because I know how to draw a flower"

"This is my Georgia O'Keeffe flower!"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

(PS) Big and small brushstrokes (My friend, the brush)

Project objective(s):
-  Learn about the different parts of the brush
- Learn about the arm joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger)
- Experiment with big and small brushes

We are learning how to hold brushes correctly.
We are learning about the thickness of the brushstrokes.

We are learning about the effects of mixing two colors.

Using small brushes and comparing the difference in thickness.
Discussing the art process with our friends is part of the creative process.

The student is learning how to use the correct amount of paint in order to complete his design
The student is learning how to control the marks he makes on the paper

The student is looking for different brushstrokes in the picture

" This yellow line is fat" in understanding how brushstrokes can be thick or skinny

Sunday, November 7, 2010

(G1) My Georgia O'Keeffe flower (Art History/Studio Lesson)

Project objective(s):
-Learn about the artist: Georgia O'Keeffe
-Observe the lines and shapes of her flowers
-Make a Georgia O'Keeffe flower

The student understands how lines create shapes

The student finds the variety of lines and shapes found in Georgia's O'Keefe's flowers

"The wind is blowing, this is why my flower looks like this"

" I want my flower to be really big!"

The student is discussing the differences and similarities in the different flowers

"This is my Georgia O'Keeffe flower"

(KG) The flowers of Georgia O'Keeffe (1/2) Art History Lesson

Project objective(s):
- Learn about the artist Georgia O'Keeffe
- Discuss the size of her flowers
- Observe the variety of lines, and shapes found on her flowers
- Explore the colors of her flowers

The student points at the curvy lines of Georgia O'Keeffe's flowers.

The student observes that lines often create symmetry.

The student understands that lines give us information.

The size of her flowers helps us to see the details in them.

Lines create shapes.

Learn how to draw flowers.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

(G2,G3,G4) The element of humor in Maggie Taylor's art/ Art History Lesson

Project objective(s):
-Learn about the artwork of Maggie Taylor
-Learn how Maggie Taylor is using humor in her paintings
-Learn how to 'read ' her pictures by looking carefully at the different symbols

The students viewed a power point presentation of the artist: Maggie Taylor.
In Taylor's work bunnies belong on people's heads.
In Taylor's work you can take your bunny for a walk!

The student is observing how the dog/human is facing sideways.
When the student was asked if there was a connection between the two dog/men, the student said: "No, because they are looking in opposite directions".

In Taylor's art, catching paper on the net is the objective!
This student is observing that the lady is not holding the net firmly.
"Her fingers seem loose" said the student.

"It looks like the girls are floating" said the student, "but I see trees behind them, and so they must not be floating!" Learning how to look for details is teaching the student that artists use a variety of elements in order to relate ideas.

When the student was asked, "What was odd about this picture?".The student responded: "There is a bird on the shoe of one of the men".
Maggie Taylor seems to be saying that using your imagination is a great thing!