Wednesday, September 28, 2011

(G2,G3) Creating in the Style of David Hockney (The Tree Project)

For this part of The Tree Project we looked at the work of the English painter David Hockney.
We discussed the use of color, scale, and texture in his work. 

David Hockney

Creating a mixed media composition, using Paper Mache , crayons, water colors and acrylics.

David Hockney

Using shades of green for the foliage.

Student comment: "I made a willow tree."

David Hockney

The student painted the brunches we collected from our nature trail, and glued them on the paper. 
She used pastels and water colors to complete the composition.

It took a lot of patience to attach the paper leaves on the brunches. 

David Hockney

Play dough and water colors were used for this composition.

David Hockney

Saturday, September 24, 2011

(G1) The Whimsical Trees of Toni Demuro (The Tree Project)

In collecting information to design the unit on Trees, I discovered the work of Toni Demuro (view his work), an Italian artist
who uses the image of a tree in such a creative and whimsical way. 
The students looked at pictures of his work and understood the playfulness of his compositions.  
Each student was free to choose his/her favorite work and created their own composition.

Toni Demuro 

Student comment: "I want the person to be a boy and so I don't want the bow."

Using water colors and pastels to complete the composition.

Toni Demuro

Student comment: " My sky has fireflies."  

Toni Demuro

After dividing the composition, the student is using pastels to color the spaces.    

Student comment: "It is not raining but this man is holding an umbrella." 

Toni Demuro

The student wrote her name on the leaves of the tree.

The student worked hard to create the horizon line.

Toni Demuro

Using play dough to create the lines of the tree.

Student comment: " My tree is thicker than Mr.Demuro's tree."

Sunday, September 18, 2011

(KG) Trees in the style of Zadok Ben-David (The Tree Project)

For this project we looked at the work of the sculptor: Zadok Ben-David .
We discussed his use of nature (flowers, trees) and the human form in his work.

Zadok Ben-David
We discussed how the human body consists of a variety of veins resembling the branches of trees.

We used stencils for the human form. 
We drew lines to create the branches of trees.

Students used crayons to color the spaces of the human form, and water colors
for the background.

Zadok Ben-David 

Student comment: " This is a tree man."  

Zadok Ben-David
We discussed Zadok's use of scale and how his metal installations become part of the natural environment.     

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(G2,G3) Trees in the style of Spike Mafford (The Tree Project)

The objective of this lesson was to create a tree composition based on the work 
of the photographer: Spike Mafford  His website
We looked at photos of his trees and discussed how his lenses
captured the simple lines of the brunches

   Spike Mafford

Creating a tree in the style of Spike Mafford.
Using Eucalyptus leaves in place of the black circles in Spike Mafford's photo. 

Spike Mafford 

Understanding the simplicity of line in Spike Mafford's trees.

Spike Mafford

Spike Mafford

Observing the direction of brunches in Spike Mafford's trees.

Spike Mafford