Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(G2,G3) Trees in the style of Spike Mafford (The Tree Project)

The objective of this lesson was to create a tree composition based on the work 
of the photographer: Spike Mafford  His website
We looked at photos of his trees and discussed how his lenses
captured the simple lines of the brunches

   Spike Mafford

Creating a tree in the style of Spike Mafford.
Using Eucalyptus leaves in place of the black circles in Spike Mafford's photo. 

Spike Mafford 

Understanding the simplicity of line in Spike Mafford's trees.

Spike Mafford

Spike Mafford

Observing the direction of brunches in Spike Mafford's trees.

Spike Mafford


  1. Really delicious and interesting result. Some of the compositions are very attractive yequilibradas. Lovely.

  2. Wow! Those are really beautiful. I've never heard of this artist. I'm going to look for more.
    Your kids interpretation of trees really lovely!

  3. Hello, Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School

    Attractive works.
    You are the excellent artist.

    I thank for your usual and hearty support.
    And i pray for you and yours peace.

    arigatou gozaimashita !!
    ありがとう ございました。

  4. It 'really amazing what they can get their imaginations and their sense of observation! These talented kids! Really interesting kind of work and the result!
    Best regards, Barbara

  5. Wonderful Works
    You are the Wonderful Artist
    Good Creations :))

  6. Great work! Loved the tie into the artist