Sunday, September 18, 2011

(KG) Trees in the style of Zadok Ben-David (The Tree Project)

For this project we looked at the work of the sculptor: Zadok Ben-David .
We discussed his use of nature (flowers, trees) and the human form in his work.

Zadok Ben-David
We discussed how the human body consists of a variety of veins resembling the branches of trees.

We used stencils for the human form. 
We drew lines to create the branches of trees.

Students used crayons to color the spaces of the human form, and water colors
for the background.

Zadok Ben-David 

Student comment: " This is a tree man."  

Zadok Ben-David
We discussed Zadok's use of scale and how his metal installations become part of the natural environment.     


  1. Excellent reproduction!

  2. These are wonderful and SO inspiring, thank you for your comment. I'll be back to see more of your blog.

  3. Those children are FABULOUS... what great work!

  4. I have not heard of this artist so I was very interested to see his work and then to see how you were able to turn it all into a creative art project for your students.. wonderful!

  5. A wonderful idea, I like it ...
    Take care ~
    Enjoy your weekend !
    Thanks for your kind words in my recovery from the eye surgery, I hope to be taking pictures soon.
    Take care.

  6. I have never heard of this artist. I'll find out more. A good idea to use his work in the art class. And the results are great.

  7. Very interesting, delicious compositions, reminds me of the nervous system.