Friday, December 9, 2011

(G2) Elf Feet in Action

While searching for a cute holiday project, I found this adorable idea  in Art Projects for Kids 
Students drew vertical lines for the feet first and then, using the shape V, they drew the shoes in small steps.
The clothes completed the holiday composition.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

(KG) Interpreting the work of Zhan Wang (Part II)

The kindergarten students had fun learning about the work of Zhan Wong. They were so impressed with the scale of his work and with great enthusiasm went to create their own aluminum sculptures.   
In our first session, we used water colors to paint the aluminum sheets.
In our second session, the students used a 3-dimensional object and wrapped the aluminum sheet around that object in order to create their sculpture.
In our third session, we  looked at the colorful digital photography of Leovi  Fotografia abstracta  and discussed how photography
can have a sculptural quality.


The artist Zhan Wang




Zhan Wong

Zhan Wang

Thursday, November 24, 2011

(G1) Interpreting the work of Zhan Wang ( Part I )

I find it challenging to expose young students to contemporary 3-Dimensional works of art. 
I am always looking for artists who create large scale art work, because  students can relate easier
to the 3-Dimensional quality of these art works.

Zhan Wang is a contemporary Chinese sculptor. He creates large scale sculptural forms coated in chrome. He concentrates primarily in abstract forms, which he calls "floating stones". He often places his large sculptures outside buildings creating a surrealistic environment.  

Heavy aluminum foil was used in order to create the "Zhan Wang" sculptures.
It was rewarding to watch the excitement in the faces of students as they folded, and folded again in trying to interpret the work of Zhan Wang.
A good amount of aluminum foil was wasted before students were able to complete their artwork. 
A choice was given to either use items around the room to coat with aluminum foil, or to manipulate the foil to create an abstract composition a la Zhan Wang. 

The sculptor Zhan Wang

Artificial rock No 116  Zhan Wang

The student manipulated the foil to create the openings resembling Zhan Wang's work. 

Stainless Steel 2000  Zhan Wang

Foil was used to cover a pumpkin, a small wooden block and a large square box.
It was challenging to balance all three items to create this sculpture.

Stainless Steel 2000   Zhan Wang

Using water colors to create the reflection of the light when it hits the chrome and in this case
the foil. 

Gifts from Heaven  Zhan Wang

The student had fun stepping on the table to be able to create his Zhan Wang tower.

Using toy golf balls to create an original composition.

Scholar rock  Zhan Wang

Saturday, November 19, 2011

(KG) Native American symbols on clay

For this project we looked at American Indian Pottery and discussed the beauty and
craftsmanship of the designs.
We learned that clay is highly valued, and often difficult to dig out. Much of the painting of pottery
was done by using a fiber of a Yucca leaf as a brush. The Native American artists also used carving and scrafitto. 
The students used a paper clip to carved their designs according to the scrafitto method,  and created Native American symbols on a piece of clay.
We used acrylics to complete our clay works.

Student comment: "My sun is rising in the morning".

Student comment: "I am making a girl warrior".

Student comment: " I made the sun around my mountains".

Student comment: "This is the feather of a warrior".

Student comment: " I made a strong arrow".

Student  comment: " The bear's foot prints will keep the bad people away".

Student comment: "My arrow broke in the battle".

Student comment: "I made an Indian princess with a feather on her head".

Student comment: "I made a turkey".