Saturday, September 29, 2012

Exploring Lines (Part II)

In continuing our exploration of lines, we created compositions using paint, paper, plastiline, and floral wire.
The students were given the choice to create a Two- or a Three-Dimensional work. We observed how we can control the thickness of the lines by using a variety of brushes (thicker or thinner tips). The creation of lines was different when we used plastiline, as it took longer to create the desired lines. The students who decided to use floral wire were challenged with bending the wire in different directions to accomplish a variety of lines.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Exploring Lines in Art

For this lesson we looked at the work of Doyle Trenton Hancock and how he uses lines to create strong visual compositions. As one of the students stated: "The lines are having a party." We played the "line detective" game, and we were successful in finding organic energetic lines, actual and implied lines, thick, dark, and rigid lines as well as delicate lines trying to convey a message. We discussed how, sometimes, artists use lines to direct our eyes to the focal point of the composition. We observed how some of the lines in his work suggest forms that can be recognized and examined how some of of his lines were combined with others to create textures and patterns.

Doyle Trenton Hancock

Creating interesting patterns in our raindrops.

Understanding the organic quality in Doyle Trenton Hancock's work.

Using markers to complete our composition.

Student comment: "I drew a fish bone just like the one in Mr.Hancock's picture."

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Leaves of Summer

For this project students used a variety of leaf templates. The students were free to decide between three methods: mosaic, finger painting, and painting with water colors. All students used water colors to paint the background.