Saturday, October 29, 2011

(G1,G3) Lines and Shapes in the work of Paul Klee

The students look at the work of the early modernist Paul Klee.
We examined his method of using lines and shapes in his compositions.
I advised the students to follow Paul Klee's statement: "A line is a point taken for a walk".
The students interpreted his work  by creating trees and self-portraits. 

Paul Klee Small Rhythmic Landscape

The artist Paul Klee

(G3) We used rulers to draw the lines inside the tree.

The background lines were based on Paul Klee's statement: "A line is a point taken for a walk".

This student used  rectangular pieces of paper to create the trunk.
I love the way he took his line for a walk. 

Using scarps of paper to create the trunk. 
Paul Klee often used burlap, gauze, cardboard, and metal foils to embellish his work.

This student used scraps of clay for her trunk 

Paul Klee Head of Man

Paul Klee Castle and Sun

(G1) We examined the rendering of lines and shapes in Paul Klee's work.


  1. enjoyed learning about Paul Klee's art...and seeing your student's imaginative interpretations

  2. Líneas, formas y figuras preciosas con una diversidad de colores muy bellos. Un abrazo y felicidades por vuestro trabajo

  3. I did not about Paul Klee.i like very the «cattle and sun».Αlways the kids job is magnificent.Have a nice weekend.

  4. Oh, what a surprise!, I love these compositions, very good. Paul Klee is one of my favorite painters.

  5. Bravissimi,Klee sarebbe molto onorato!
    A good sunday!

  6. Congratulations on a great job and how much creativity have your little artists!

  7. I love Paul Klee's works. Your students works are always a delight to view, they are alive, fresh and fun, I want to join your class! I'd also love to buy one, the fourth image from the bottom :-D

  8. "A line is a point taken for a walk"

    A phrase to describe the art of Paul Klee that your students have put into practice.
    A beautiful work of art.
    Happy Sunday.

  9. I love Paul Klee's work and your students have done some wonderful pieces, the colours are amazing.

    Jan :o)

  10. Your students are lucky. Amazing to see how they take Klee and at the same time put something of theirselves in their work. Great!

  11. I really love those portraits, greetings.

  12. My school art class was never this much fun.

  13. Son lindos trabajos multicolores, va un cordial saludo, Rodisi

  14. I really enjoy the line work in the Klee portrait intrepretations! how did you instruct them through the line work?

  15. Molly,

    For the line work the students used rulers, stencil shapes and free hand drawing.

  16. I love these Paul Klee inpspired face paintings. I also enjoyed seeing your students work with foil & watercolors posted on Pinterest. Great job!