Thursday, June 30, 2011

(G,3) For the love of Flip-Flops

This Flip-Flop project was inspired by Kids Artists.

The students outlined the Flip-Flops on a white sheet of construction paper and used color pencils to create the design.
We created the straps by folding pages from magazine.
We attached the paper Flip-Flops on a canvas board and used acrylics for the background.

Monday, June 27, 2011

(G,3) Compositions in chalk and oil pastels.

Using our fingers to blend the colors.
We used different tools to add texture to our compositions.

No brushes for this compositions.

 Creating lines and patterns with different tools.

In creating interesting designs, sky was the limit.

The final product.

  The effect of soft pastels.
Observing the difference in using oil and chalk pastels.

Our fingers are often the best tools.

Observing the difference in using markers and chalk pastels.

This student was a little timid in the beginning using her fingers.
The fear is gone!

 Trying to create a point of interest.

Student comment:  "My yellow flower protects the hearts".

Working slowly to complete our design.

Working with both hands.

Creating textures.
A balanced composition.

Student comment: "The red flower is the point of interest; but I like my clouds too".

Sunday, June 26, 2011

(G2,G3) Experiments with Aluminum Foil

For our third day in art camp we decided to create compositions using aluminum foil.
We were given the choice to create an abstract composition or a 3-Dimensional work.  

Preparing the foil strips for our sculptural experiments.

Learning how to twist the foil strips.

Working on our sculptural composition.

The final product.

We struggled with the attachment of the two circles.  
We finally had to use hot glue.

Creating the circles for the jewelry.
A lesson in working slowly.  

Student comment: " That's great! Now I have to think 
about becoming a jewelry designer.

Creating symmetry.

Friday, June 24, 2011

(KG) Learning how to make Paper Pulp

For these projects we decided to make paper pulp using newspaper, water and glue.
We soaked the scraps of paper for two hours. This made the paper very soggy, which helped it to blend well.
We knew our paper pulp was ready to use, when we could not see individual pieces of paper.
We drained the remaining water and added the glue. 

Making a flower using our paper pulp.

Learning how to make paper pulp.
We had fun watching the paper dissolving in our hands.

Adding colorful clay pieces to our paper pulp flower.

The younger students used paper pulp to outline the shape of the fish.
We used colorful paper to complete our project.

Wrestling to get the paper in our hands.

Making a sunflower with our pulp paper.

Student comment: : " The paper pulp feels hard today".

Student comment: " The googly eye is not paper".

Student comment: "I don't think I want to color the paper pulp".

Someone was thinking of food.

Beautiful paper pulp flower.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(KG) Collage experiments

For this project we looked for inspiration at the book: "We all went for Safari" written by Laurie Krebs and
illustrated by Julia Cairns
We used a variety of paper to re-create our favorite picture from the book
We counted the number of paper we used in our composition

Using a variety of paper to create our tree. 

Using scissors to create the desired shapes.  

Using shapes to create an animal.
Student comment: "I need four legs and one tail".

Student comment: "Peacocks can't fly because they are heavy".

Student comment: "My zebra is looking for water".

Student comment: "My cheetah is the fastest".