Saturday, June 11, 2011

(G1,G2,G3) Flowers for Father's Day

For Father's Day the students created a special art project choosing from a variety of materials.

A flower made from papier mache balloons.  

Choosing a black and white theme. 

Another papier mache flower.

Using black paper bags, white cut paper, and bamboo planks. 

Using pieces of clay, crayons and water colors.

It was a challenge to tape the bamboo planks inside the paper bag.

Using clay and papier mache.

Student comment:  " My dad loves sunflowers".

A special card for Dad.


  1. How clever and how beautiful...this is wonderful work; very impressive!
    Sue xxx

  2. We took inspiration from your pictures last week, it all started when a 4 year old boy told me we wanted to do a nice painting.
    Interested in what his concept of a nice painting was i questioned him further.
    well flowers are nice he told me, so we did a vivid and dye painting and then we looked at all the work on this page and had a go with candle wax too.
    So thank you from the children of Play and Learn at Clarks Beach, NZ.