Monday, June 13, 2011

(KG) The art of cutting, tearing and folding paper.

Using a  variety of paper to create an origami composition. 
For this project we had a choice of cutting or tearing the paper.
We spent part of the time learning how to fold the origami paper.
For more details on the art of origami please see this site.

The the art of tearing was a challenge. 

  This student was only interested in using scissors. 

Student comment: "The white part is the bubbles on the waves".

A balanced composition.

Enjoying cutting and tearing the paper.

Cutting, tearing, and folding was fun.

Student comment:" It is a sunny day".

A balanced composition.

Long strings of paper for the sky.

No scissors for this composition.


  1. Lovely, lovely work. The collage seascapes and origami boats are wonderful. Your students are very creative.
    It is lovely that we have made contact again. I love your blog and also admire the ethos of your school.I was a teacher and I love the art of the young. It is so exciting to see their enthusiasm and creativity and to watch this develop as they grow.
    I hope we can keep in contact and if we inspire each other, how amazing is that!????

    Sue xxx

  2. I really like the texture and "balance" in these. It is interesting how some kids HAVE to use scissors and some really enjoy tearing. Fun art lesson!

  3. очень интересные работы! спасибо за вдохновляющие впечатления )))

  4. Using Google translate,the above statement from Russian to English translates:

    "Very interesting work! Thank you for an inspiring experience".