Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(G3,G4) The End of The Year Roses Part III

Today it was the day to carry our giant roses outside.
We discussed how Will Ryman's roses were installed on Park Avenue.
We decided to install ours in the Nature Trail of our school.
Our giant roses became part of the environment.   

A group picture holding our giant roses.

Holding my rose.

I am taller than my rose.

I am leaning just like my stem.

I am proud of my giant rose.

One beautiful face, two lovely roses.

A happy face, holding a beautiful rose.

A smiley face, holding a giant rose.

Hugging my giant rose.

This giant rose is heavy!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

(G1) The End of The Year Roses (Part II)

We completed our project on the concept of scale based on the work of Will Ryman's roses.
Our roses will decorate our stage for the end of the year Flag ceremony.

Our cluster of roses in their full glory.

It is all about roses and the color pink.

Will Ryman would have been very proud of our roses.

Getting ready for our group picture.

Two smiley faces.

I am proud of my rose. 

My rose and I.

A happy face holding a beautiful rose.

Yes, this is my giant rose.

Our smiley roses.

Roses of New York meet the roses of Chesterbrook Academy.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

(G1) Sculptural experiments

Project Objective(s):
- Learn how to fold, twist and bend paper
- Create original designs
- Consider techniques artists use to create 3-D artworks

Folding and bending paper to create original designs

 Making decisions on the placement of the paper.

Checking your artwork for balance.

Collaboration and exchange of ideas. 
The student with the masking tape on his shirt was helping others when they needed tape. 

A proud moment of a job well done.

A happy artist with his paper sculpture.

Using a variety of paper to create your composition.

Overlapping of paper creates interesting designs.

The finished product.

Circles of pink!

An example of folding, bending and twisting paper sculpture.

(Pr-K) The power of imagination

Project objective(s):
- Create a picture based on the book: "The Squiggle" by Carole Lexa Schaefer
- Answer questions regarding the little girl's squiggling adventure
- Which was your favorite adventure and why?

A piece of a red string is many things in the hands of the young girl.
In the world of the imagination anything can happen.

The string becomes The Great Wall of China.

Building The Great Wall of China.

Using glue, paint and soft pastels to create The Great Wall of China. 

The string becomes a lasso around the moon.

The string becomes the circle of a deep still pool.

The things you can do with a simple red string.
The wonderful world of imagination. 

(Pr-K) Collage experiments using tissue paper and paint

Project objective(s):
- Understand how to overlap tissue paper to create an interesting composition
- Think about the way colors look together
- Students will examine how artworks are unified by warm and cool colors  

Choose your shapes to create your composition

Student comment: " My art shirt is yellow. I want to use yellow paper".

Student comment: "I made a red circle".

Student comment: "I don't like green"

Student comment: "I like my red squares".

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

(KG) When a collage gets sticky

Project objective(s):
- Create line and movement using wet and dry materials?
- Consider how line and movement can unify an artwork
- Create an original composition

Line, movement and texture.

Feeling the texture of the wet mixture.

I will  conquer my fear of this wet mess.

Who is afraid of the red sticky hands?

Warm and cool colors.

Find the emphasis in this composition?

Student comment: "This paint is not real"

The importance of organizing the different materials in a composition.

Student comment:  "My picture has no shape".