Saturday, January 28, 2012

(G2,G3) Creating in the Style of Maggie Taylor

We looked at pictures of Maggie Taylor's work and discussed the way she
creates collages of digital images. We discussed how she makes her prints by scanning her objects
into the computer, where by layering and manipulation she  then creates her surrealistic montages.  
The students loved how Maggie Taylor used unusual images to create her montages.
We learned how artists integrate technology and the computer into their art process.
Some students decided to create their montages using pictures, while others decided to draw their
own images.

Maggy Taylor at her studio

Maggy Taylor
Small storm

Student comment: "This is the town where Stella Umbrella lives. 
In Stella's town there are  chocolate bar aliens that are nice." 

Maggy Taylor
The collector

Maggy Taylor
Woman with swan

Maggy Taylor
Woman who loves fish

Student comment: "This is Mr.Fish Face. He is not a nice guy, look at this teeth."

Student comment: "This was a boy that turned into a fish. Now he is a flying fish."

Maggy Taylor
Woman with a stone skirt

Students understood how to use images in an unusual way.

Maggy Taylor
Girl in a bee dress

Student comment: "This girl is turning into a flower."

Sunday, January 22, 2012

(KG) Creating in the style of Brice Marden

Students learned about the work of Brice Marden by looking at and discussing the meaning of gestural abstraction in his art.
Brice Marden traveled in Thailand in the 1980s, where he became interested in Far Eastern
calligraphy and the art of the brush stroke.

Brice Marden

Students used four different color pencils to create the
overlapping lines in their work.

Students learned how to use overlapping in their artwork to show that
something is in front or behind another object.

Brice Marden at work creating his brush stroke with a wooden stick. 

Brice Marden

Brice Marden

Brice Marden

Students were encouraged to create overlapping lines using yarn.

Brice Marden

We tried to hide the ends of the yarn.

Monday, January 16, 2012

(G1) I Have A Dream

We discussed The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial located in Washington, D.C
We learned that the sculpture is 30 feet, and it is made out of granite. Martin Luther King emerges from
the mountain of granite with his arms crossed, and it is called The Stone of Hope.
The Stone of Hope is the work of the Chinese sculptor Lei Yixin.
Ten Chinese stone masons were among the 100 workmen to reassemble the 150 granite blocks.
The blocks were shipped from Xiamen to the port of Baltimore.

The sculptor Lei Yixin at work

 The students had several options regarding how their work would pay tribute to Martin Luther King.
Some students decided to draw and paint faces, while others traced their hands and made rainbows.
We discussed the importance of the speech "I have a Dream," and his sentence: "I have decided to love."

Student comment: "The shadow of my friend is beautiful."

Student comment: "These are hands of friendship."

Student comment: "This is my red skin friend."

Student comment: "Hearts mean love for everyone."

Student comment: "A beautiful face." 

Student comment: "All colors are beautiful." 

Student comment: "I have decided to love my friend."

Student comment: "I will give hugs every day."

Student  comment: "Rainbow hands, and brown hands are best friends."

Student comment: "A Happy face is a good face."

Student comment: "I love my yellow, brown, blue, red, and white friends."

Student comment: "Colors of Hope."

Student comment: "My hands can give hugs and love."