Saturday, January 14, 2012

(G2,G3) Creating in the Style of Tomas Saraceno (Part II)

For this project, students looked at pictures of Saraceno's installations and created
mini versions of his mushrooming clusters.
We used silver thread and tried to recreate his dodecahedrons (12)  strings compositions.
He states: " I'm not interested in defining what I am- artist, engineer, inventor, scientist, I am much more interested in weaving in between and interconnecting things. I feel comfortable engaging in somebody else's discipline."  

Tomas Saraceno

Working in creating a giant spider with silver and white thread.

Working with soft pastels to create a colorful spiderweb.

Tomas Saraceno


  1. Bellas creaciones, muy bien trabajadas y unos preciosos colores, un abrazo

  2. Delicious compositions, with great creativity, I like these concepts.