Sunday, August 14, 2011

(G3) Creating in the style of Jean Dubuffet

We looked at the work of the French painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet 
(31 July 1901-12May 1985).
We discussed the 
elements of pattern, color and line in his work.
The students drew their designs in cardboard paper.
I helped them to cut the paper using an X-acto knife.

Tower of lace (Tour dentelliere) 1973

Creating patterns in the style of Jean Dubuffet.

Using oil pastels, water colors, and sharpies to complete the design

The students gave titles to the final product
   The mother duck.

Pirates of the Caribbean. 

The flying eagle.

Fight like a Pirate.

The tasks of an elephant.

Baseball bats.

Landscape with mountains.


  1. looove these! is it just cardboard?

  2. I love the work of Jean Dubuffet and the way he was able to combine child like imagery into his sculptures. Your students did a terrific job!

  3. Joanna,

    It is just cardboard.
    I have bee saving big pieces of cardboard for a while.

  4. I love the wonderful patterns your students created. These are great! I'm going to have to save this lesson.

  5. You all are always doing something so cool! Keep up the good work!

  6. Very beautiful, excellent compositions. With imaginative designs.

  7. Jean Dubuffet has terrific work, and difficult to do it!Bravo to you and your students!!! Exellent artwork!!! Kisses from Greece.

  8. What wonderful inspirations and glorious art work the students created! A great way to study and create! What fortunate students..and the teacher is also ahving fun, it seems! Bravi!

  9. Beautiful! I did a drawing lesson on Dubuffet, but these cut shapes are even better!

  10. These are lovely, so free. I've just been catching up on the last few posts & I wish I'd been to your school!

  11. My favorite Pirates of the Caribbean.

  12. I have wanted to do a Dubuffet project for a long time and this one looks like a winner! Do you mind if I ask what grade you did this with?

  13. Pat,

    I did this project with the Third Grade students.