Monday, August 8, 2011

(G1) The Beauty of Printing and Weaving

This project was inspired by A Faithful Attempt.
She offers a fantastic tutorial on how to successfully create a weaving effect in your artwork. 

The students wanted to use these fabric stamps for a while and so this project
gave them to opportunity to use them and create interesting compositions.
We used black tempera paint on the stamps but I think that next time we will use speedball ink for better results. 

We used water colors and painted around the printing design.

We struggled with the weaving process.

Some students decided to use patterned paper for the weaving.


  1. These are amazing! I love the effect they have using pattern paper to weave as well. Can't wait to try it at my school!

  2. These are gorgeous!!!
    What a great way to use those stamps.

  3. Awesome printmaking project! Are fabric stamps like regular rubber stamps? Are they available at Michael's? I agree, the speedball ink would create a crisper, stronger print.

  4. Bellissimo! Mi piace, lo farò anch'io con i miei alievi!

  5. Nice work!The children would love this!

  6. Google translates Tatiana's comment:

    Beautiful! I like it. I'll do it myself with my students!

  7. Pat, the fabric stamps are regular rubber stamps, and I found them at Michael's.

  8. Hello! I'm very happy to find you! You do an extremely beautiful work and you are such an inspiration for us to take ideas for our children. The students' works are pure works of art!

  9. Cool blog, many beautiful creations.
    Congratulations you little artists.
    Thanks for the comment left on my blog.

  10. Brilliant! I really like the contrast between the stamps and the black paper. The fabric stamps are gorgeous- I'm going to zip down to Michaels today to see if I can find some!

  11. Congratulations to Teacher and children too!!! Fantastic work!Beautifull colors!!!kisses from Greece.

  12. What an interesting way to teach the principles of textile design. I think these are very sophisticated when completed, but your process seems simple. Thank you so much for writing this up on your blog.