Wednesday, August 3, 2011

(G3,G4) Learning How to Draw a Swan

We learned how to draw a swan by using the graceful curves of number two.

Pencil studies of turning the number two into a swan. 

Based on our drawings we created a template of a swan. 

We used our swan templates to create a composition. 

We used black sharpies to create the design.

No interest in painting the swans.

Student comment:  "The sun is setting in my picture." 

Student comment:  "The swan is looking at the reflection of the sun."


  1. Molo belli! Bella grafica e bella pittura!

  2. These are beautiful. I like the idea of using the number two as a starting point.

  3. Google translates Tatiana's comment:

    Very beautiful! Nice graphics and nice pictures!

  4. These swan drawings are very cleverly designed. I loved my visit to your creative blog. I will be back again soon!