Saturday, August 20, 2011

(Pr-K) Learning how to create a mono-print composition

Students learned how to create a mono-print composition.
We voted on the designs we wanted to use for our mono-print blocks.
The winner designs were: The big fish, the little fish, the wheel, the leaf and the apple.  
I drew the designs on Styrofoam sheets. 
The students used  the end of a small paint brush to "cut" into the design.
I showed them how to create deep grooves so that the paint would not sink in.

Preparing the background for the mono-print composition.

We applied acrylic paint to the foam. 

The students were instructed to avoid the grooving areas of the mono-print.  

Observing what happens to the images when more paint is required.  

Controlling the paint results in a successful mono-print.

Pressing hard with both our hands.

Voila! a successful  composition.


  1. Hi Marilena!
    you have done a great job!!
    we are still on holidays .. but we are looking forward to starting the new school year planning new ideas and collaborations..
    many warm greetings from Greece:-)

  2. Such a fun project...and such good photos and process here! Delightful!

  3. I want to try this technique, the results are excellent.
    Congratulations for your teachings.

    good Sunday

  4. I have tried monoprint - it was hard.. but these children seem so free and creative and are having fun.. great job!

  5. beautiful monoprints! I'm so glad you found my blog and now I can come visit you too! I used to teach art to teens, I miss it very much.

  6. Hi Marilena,very nice artwork!!!congratulations! I made Monoprints with my students, but we made it on potatoes. The results was excellent, like you!I like this technique!Kisses from Greece!!!

  7. M- very cool creations - our art4place community events always have a focus on children - love their energy and creativity. Go well. B

  8. A fun activity with excellent results, my favorite is the leaf and two blocks.

  9. Wonderful
    Thank you for sharing

  10. Great technique and results!