Saturday, August 27, 2011

(G2,G3) The Leaded Glass Windows of Frank Lloyd Wright

The objective of this lesson was to use geometric shapes to create windows in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. 
We looked at examples of windows that he designed, and we discussed the geometric quality of his design.
The students understood the importance of  balance and symmetry for the creation of their windows.

Frank Lloyd  Wright "Tree of Life" Window Robie House (1908-1910)

Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8, 1867- April 9, 1959) was not only one of the greatest American architects, but he was also a great designer of stained glass windows.
However the functional integration of the window into the architecture was more important that the ornamental qualities carried by the window.

Creating balance and symmetry.

Using water colors to complete the composition.

Working in creating a balanced composition.


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  2. Beautiful photos, beautiful pictures and vivid colors.

  3. Excellent work, I love it. good compositions of shapes and lines, I love the colors. My favorite first three.

  4. They are all very beautiful, I can imagine them with the sun shining through them. My favourite is the last one.

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  5. Wonderful symmetry. Enjoyed the Miro, monoprinting & wax resist below, too.

  6. Marilena, your artwork is excellent! your students are very lucky!!! You are a gifted artist!Kisses from Greece.

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