Sunday, December 19, 2010

(Video)- (G1) A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art

(G1) A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art 4/4

The artists use symbols to tell stories and send messages.
Student comment: " The dog can not get the swan, because the swan can fly away".

There are many ways to tell stories with pictures.
Discussing the details in the painting.

We learned that in depictions of Madonna and Child in paintings, the garments of Mary are always red, blue or white.

The significance of the colors red, and blue.
Learning about the direction of light in the painting. 

Looking at the Mona Lisa which was made out of 5184 spools of thread.

When seen with the aid of viewing spheres, Mona Lisa is looking at us.

This is the artist Devorah Sperber arranging the spools of thread. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

(G1) A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art 3/4

Looking for marble and glass in this mosaic.

What shape do we see in this sculpture?

Learning about the Jewish ceremonial items.

The Menorah as a symbol of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

Looking at the Torah Scroll. 
Student comment: "I saw this writing on a Dreidel"

(G1) A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art (2/4)

Looking for details and finding the number of tepees in this painting.

Trying to think of names for this contemporary work of art.
Discussing colors and shapes.

 Discussing colors, shapes, and the tools the artist used to complete this artwork.
Student comment: This painting has no frame

Learning how artists use recyclable items to create original works of art.

Learning about an African American pilot.

(G1) A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art (1/4)

Special Thanks
- North Carolina Museum of Art- Pat Hinkle, NCMA Docent for giving us such an informative tour. Her leading questions kept the students engaged. She had a wonderful way in helping the students to see art with a critical eye.

-Parents , for helping us with the museum tour.

Learning to look for hidden details in contemporary sculpture.

Walking around this contemporary sculpture so that we can view it from all different angles

Posing like the sculpture was fun.

Looking for shapes in the "Blue dancer".

Observing how artists use glass to create works of art.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

(EV) Holiday Art Projects for our Gift Baskets 3/3

Working together was fun.

We used the skinny brushes for this project.

Practicing different brushstrokes.

Using different colors, tools and even our fingers to decorate the picture holders.

Learning about the shades of green.

Happy Holidays from our little red nosed reindeer

(EV) Holiday Art Projects 2/3

Having fun painting our bird houses for the Holiday gift basket.

Discovering the properties of wood.

Attention to detail as part of the art process.

Ms.Brusca, our Pre-K teacher offering advice to her students.

Painting all six sides of the cubes was a challenge.

(EV) Holiday Art Projects 1/3

Special thanks
We would like to thank Ms. Robin Gray, PTO President, for providing the holiday items for our students

Working together to complete an art project for our Holiday gift basket.

The students experienced freedom in choosing colors and techniques to complete their artwork.

Collaborating and discussing the different methods of applying paint on a wooden surface.

Using a variety of tools to create original designs

Creating patterns using printing tools

Thursday, December 9, 2010

(KG) A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art (4/4)

Discussing the unusual shape of the painting, and the symbolism attached to it (circle has neither beginning nor end).

Further discussion about the painting and active participation from students.

Learning that stamps can be made after paintings.
This painting of Madonna and Child in a Landscape was selected as the U.S. Postal Service's Christmas stamp in 1993),

Going to the dentist in the old days.
Discussing about clothes, tools and techniques.
Mr. Twiddy comment: "If your dentist is dressed like this man in the painting, you have to run!"

(KG) A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art (3/4)

Learning how portraits were done in the old days,

Discussing details by looking at a portrait of children playing.

Making kings appear older in portraits than they were in reality.
A five year old king wearing stockings and a wig!
Student comment: "Just like my stockings".

Recognizing American Presidents.
Student comment: "This is President Obama"

Demonstrating how popular George Washington was.
Mr.Twiddy showed the students a U.S dollar with the face of the First President.

(KG) A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art (2/4)

Finding geometric designs in this mosaic.
Ms. Maples, our kindergarten teacher, reinforces the topic by reminding the students how they made a mosaic pumpkin by using small pieces of paper.

Learning that the sarcophagus was the final resting place for mummies.
Student comment: "I know what a mummy is! It is wrapped in toilet paper!"

From the Egyptian sarcophagus to the Mexican goddess.
Discussion about the missing head of the snake.

Example of an African Headdress in the shape of a fish.
Discussing about dancing while wearing this heavy Headdress.

From the African mask to Rodin's sculpture.