Thursday, December 9, 2010

(KG) A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art (1/4)

Special Thanks
We would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to the following:

North Carolina Museum of Art- Jennifer Coon,  Museum Coordinator - for making all the necessary arrangements

North Carolina Museum of Art-  Curt Twiddy,  NCMA Docent for giving us such an extraordinary tour, for the wonderful way he kept the students focused and especially for his sense of humor that made our visit very special, and educational.

- Parents for helping us with the museum tour.

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We started our tour by examining an abstract sculpture named "untitled"
The students thought of names for this contemporary work of art, and tried to interpret the intentions of the artist.

Examining the abstract portrait of the artist's wife.
Discussing colors, face expressions and symbolism.
Student comment: "The face looks like a mask".

Some artists do give names to their sculptures- "The blue dancer".
Discussing body movements, students mimicking.

Artists communicate messages through art.
A very tall sculpture with no head- discussion.

The upside down Mona Lisa made out of spools of thread.
The artist used 5184 spools of thread in order to complete this artwork.

Learning the properties of lenses - The Mona Lisa is not upside down anymore.
Student comment: "Magic"

A closer look at the Mona Lisa made out of spools of thread.

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