Wednesday, June 1, 2011

(KG, G1,G2) End of the year projects

Since we only have few days left before the end of the school year, I decided to have the students from different  grades choose their project.We had to choose from all about the paper table, the water colors table, the mixed media table, the soft pastels table ,the animal stencils table, and the markers table.
The students enjoyed the free choice and created some amazing artwork. 

                                    Another school year came to an end.                                                           

The simplicity of lines.
Using water colors and markers.

Creating shape people.
Using paper and markers.

A mixed media project.

Creating patterns using water colors.

Student comment: "I am playing outside with my friends".
Using markers and water colors.

Adding a tree brunch to create an original composition.

Using a variety of paper to create a mosaic.

Creating patterns using water colors.

A self-portrait.

The smiley face.

Beautiful roses.

The Pre-K students created these beautiful sunflowers.
Markers and water colors.

The blue sunflower.

The yellow sunflower.

Two sunflowers.

One happy colorful  giraffe.  


  1. Beautiful work! I especially like the mosaic bird, cat and giraffe! Great job on such a successful free choice project.

  2. Great work by all your students, it all looks so lively and happy.

    Looking forward to your next projects.

    Jan x