Saturday, October 22, 2011

(G2,G3) Creating in the style of Nancy Azara Part III (The Tree Project)

We are completing our Tree Project unit by creating collage compositions on plywood sheets in the style of Nancy Azara

This collage/sculptural project took three sessions to be completed
1. Leaf prints were made using clay
2. We painted and decorated the clay leaves
3. We painted the plywood sheets and created the final composition using scraps of paper, wood scraps, and the clay leaves

Student: "The Leaf of Life"

Nancy Azara

Nancy Azara Goddess' Wall

Applying golden paint just like the artist Nancy Azara

Student: "My Tree"

Student: "Remembering the Fallen Leaf "

Nancy Azara Heart Wall

Student: "My Golden leaf "

Student: "Leaves of Paradise"

Student: "An Autumn Leaf" 


  1. gorgeous! did you just use glue to attach, or something stronger?

  2. Molto belli i lavori degli studenti,sono creativi!
    Ciao felice settimana!

  3. Hope, the students used wood glue to attach the clay leaves on the plywood sheet.

  4. These are SO unique. I love them!!

  5. Bello y artístico trabajo, unos colores y composiciones preciosas. Que tengan un buen fin de semana y un abrazo

  6. Trabajos artesanales muy lindos, cordial saludo enla distancia. Rodisi

  7. I bet these would look stunning all displayed together!

  8. I look fabulous creations, with colors very well combined. They look very totemic.

  9. Lovely work! I particularly enjoyed this post since I've read Nancy's book Spirit Taking Form. As Shannah commented, these pieces will look great displayed together.