Saturday, November 19, 2011

(KG) Native American symbols on clay

For this project we looked at American Indian Pottery and discussed the beauty and
craftsmanship of the designs.
We learned that clay is highly valued, and often difficult to dig out. Much of the painting of pottery
was done by using a fiber of a Yucca leaf as a brush. The Native American artists also used carving and scrafitto. 
The students used a paper clip to carved their designs according to the scrafitto method,  and created Native American symbols on a piece of clay.
We used acrylics to complete our clay works.

Student comment: "My sun is rising in the morning".

Student comment: "I am making a girl warrior".

Student comment: " I made the sun around my mountains".

Student comment: "This is the feather of a warrior".

Student comment: " I made a strong arrow".

Student  comment: " The bear's foot prints will keep the bad people away".

Student comment: "My arrow broke in the battle".

Student comment: "I made an Indian princess with a feather on her head".

Student comment: "I made a turkey".


  1. Oooh...What a wonderful project! I can't decide which one I like best. Maybe the "feather of the warrior". The children did a wonderful job. I love the addition of the acrylic backgrounds. I'm definitely "pinning" this!

  2. Un proyecto precioso, muy bien trabajada la arcilla y unos colores alegres en el trabajo, una manera genial de crear bellos trabajos. Un gran abrazo

  3. Wonderful art. I very much like that you included each artist's comments.

  4. Wonderful, I love the combination of clay and paint, my favorite is "I made ​​a strong arrow."

  5. Children's magic lever to create great works of art!

  6. The last two are also delicious.

  7. siempre es un placer ver como la creatividad no tiene edad

    gracias por visitar mi blog
    I'm happy to know that you like some of the pictures that I upload to my blog


  8. Marilena, very beautiful artwork!!! I know that children like to make things of clay!!My students like it too. Kisses from Greece.

  9. Wonderful Works
    Thank you for sharing

  10. These are one of my favourite work of arts. GREAT! :)