Thursday, November 24, 2011

(G1) Interpreting the work of Zhan Wang ( Part I )

I find it challenging to expose young students to contemporary 3-Dimensional works of art. 
I am always looking for artists who create large scale art work, because  students can relate easier
to the 3-Dimensional quality of these art works.

Zhan Wang is a contemporary Chinese sculptor. He creates large scale sculptural forms coated in chrome. He concentrates primarily in abstract forms, which he calls "floating stones". He often places his large sculptures outside buildings creating a surrealistic environment.  

Heavy aluminum foil was used in order to create the "Zhan Wang" sculptures.
It was rewarding to watch the excitement in the faces of students as they folded, and folded again in trying to interpret the work of Zhan Wang.
A good amount of aluminum foil was wasted before students were able to complete their artwork. 
A choice was given to either use items around the room to coat with aluminum foil, or to manipulate the foil to create an abstract composition a la Zhan Wang. 

The sculptor Zhan Wang

Artificial rock No 116  Zhan Wang

The student manipulated the foil to create the openings resembling Zhan Wang's work. 

Stainless Steel 2000  Zhan Wang

Foil was used to cover a pumpkin, a small wooden block and a large square box.
It was challenging to balance all three items to create this sculpture.

Stainless Steel 2000   Zhan Wang

Using water colors to create the reflection of the light when it hits the chrome and in this case
the foil. 

Gifts from Heaven  Zhan Wang

The student had fun stepping on the table to be able to create his Zhan Wang tower.

Using toy golf balls to create an original composition.

Scholar rock  Zhan Wang


  1. I find these great works, and especially the idea to propose to the students! Really congratulate you again for the wonderful and inspiring creative work that you carry in your school! Students lucky! Hello, Barbara

  2. These compositions are very interesting and remind me of my first photos in the 80's.
    If you want to look at here are some examples:

  3. Marilena, so fantastic student's work!!!Congratulations to you and your students! these children are lucky, that they have a teacher like you!!!you give them new ideas and directions!!!Bravo!Kisses from Greece.

  4. Una belleza de composiciones, con texturas y formas preciosas en estas originales y bellas obras, un placer disfrutar de este trabajo. Un abrazo

  5. Por supuesto que puedes utilizar mis fotos en tu siguiente post y para enseñarlas a tus alumnos. Para mi es un honor que me llena de alegría. Lo que más me llena de felicidad es cuando a algún niño le atraen mis fotos, y en tu escuela hay verdaderos artistas. Saludos.

  6. Of course you can use for your next post and to show to your students. For me it is an honor. Thing that fills me with happiness is when a child draws a picture of me. In your school there are true artists. Greetings.

  7. Amazing student artwork. I really like! Folio is the great material.



  9. Me encanta esas bonitas composiciones de los niños en papel de aluminio. Muy creativas.

  10. I am an Engineer by profession, it is difficult for me to understand, so much to learn about ART and it's interpretation ...

  11. I like the colors on the foil. I wish you a happy week.

  12. Sin duda uno nunca se irá a la cama sin aprender algo nuevo.
    Interesante sin duda.
    Bellas imágenes sobre bellas texturas.

    Un saludo,

  13. Una buena técnica con el aluminio para hacer esculturas, Son bellos trabajos... va un cordial saludo, Rodisi

  14. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this - it is always a challenge to find great sculpture projects to use in school and the students learn so much from it. I will definitely keep this in mind for next year :)

  15. The arts works are very nice, i like them

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  17. All work contained in this collection are very good.
    All deserve congratulations,
    A big hug to everyone!