Thursday, November 11, 2010

(PS) Big and small brushstrokes (My friend, the brush)

Project objective(s):
-  Learn about the different parts of the brush
- Learn about the arm joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger)
- Experiment with big and small brushes

We are learning how to hold brushes correctly.
We are learning about the thickness of the brushstrokes.

We are learning about the effects of mixing two colors.

Using small brushes and comparing the difference in thickness.
Discussing the art process with our friends is part of the creative process.

The student is learning how to use the correct amount of paint in order to complete his design
The student is learning how to control the marks he makes on the paper

The student is looking for different brushstrokes in the picture

" This yellow line is fat" in understanding how brushstrokes can be thick or skinny

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