Saturday, November 6, 2010

(G2,G3,G4) The element of humor in Maggie Taylor's art/ Art History Lesson

Project objective(s):
-Learn about the artwork of Maggie Taylor
-Learn how Maggie Taylor is using humor in her paintings
-Learn how to 'read ' her pictures by looking carefully at the different symbols

The students viewed a power point presentation of the artist: Maggie Taylor.
In Taylor's work bunnies belong on people's heads.
In Taylor's work you can take your bunny for a walk!

The student is observing how the dog/human is facing sideways.
When the student was asked if there was a connection between the two dog/men, the student said: "No, because they are looking in opposite directions".

In Taylor's art, catching paper on the net is the objective!
This student is observing that the lady is not holding the net firmly.
"Her fingers seem loose" said the student.

"It looks like the girls are floating" said the student, "but I see trees behind them, and so they must not be floating!" Learning how to look for details is teaching the student that artists use a variety of elements in order to relate ideas.

When the student was asked, "What was odd about this picture?".The student responded: "There is a bird on the shoe of one of the men".
Maggie Taylor seems to be saying that using your imagination is a great thing!

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