Saturday, July 7, 2012

Having Fun With Wearable Art

This week in art camp we created some interesting wearable art projects.
The students were divided into four groups. The fist group decided to create Tie-Dye shirts. The second group had fun decorating baseball hats. The third group created some interesting tote bags. The fourth group  worked on drawing and painting with fabric paint to decorate their T-shirts.

We had fun folding and tying the shirts with rubber bans and string.
We limited the colors we used because this was an introduction to
Tie-Dye shirts. 

We used fabric paint to enhance our Tie-Dye shirts.

The  baseball hat group used a variety of fabric and acrylic colors
to create some interesting patterns and designs. 

The students used black sharpies to draw their design.
Every effort was made to cover the black outlines with colors.  

Having fun drawing and painting our T-shirts. 

Having fun decorating our tote bags.

The students were so proud of their finished product.

It was a challenge to draw and paint on the hard canvas surface.


  1. Bravissimi i tuoi ragazzi,tutti lavori stupendi e che amore quei cappellini! :-)

  2. I love the blue jean hats and the totes! I just saw on pinterest tye dye with sharpies and alcohol. I would love to try that.

  3. Delicious compositions. I love the colors so bright and cheerful, I like the four projects, very creative and inspiring. Congratulations. Greetings.

  4. ¡Cuanta creatividad! Un trabajo excelente para llevar a todas partes.
    Un saludo!

  5. Very amazing and colourful art work !!!
    Have a very nice and creative week !!!

  6. excellent work!! once more:-) ..
    warm greetings from Greece!

  7. Four very interesting proposals and the results are very nice. I especially liked the designs of the bags. Congratulations.

  8. If you visit my blog got a little something to celebrate friendship day blogger. A hug and see you soon.

  9. Hermosos diseños, los felicitos!!!!

    Los invito a mi nuevo blog


  10. Hello, Chesterbrook Academy Elementary.

      It is my joy to share your wonderful work.
      And sweet message charms my heart.

      I pray for your happiness and world peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃