Saturday, July 14, 2012

Collages and Reshaping vinyl Records

This week in art camp the students were divided into two groups. The first group created collage compositions using paper and aluminum foil scraps. The second group learned how to reshape old vinyl records and turned them into bowls. We learned that recycling is like resurrecting an old item and giving it a new life.

For the reshaping of the records, we used the oven in our school.
We placed the vinyl record on a metallic bowl and watched the melting and shaping process.
Since students were not allowed in the kitchen area, each student watched the process
through the open door. 

The students used acrylics to paint the reshaped records.
We had a great discussion on how there was a time when every household had a collection of
these whopping 12-inch vinyl discs.

For the collage compositions, some students used water colors to paint the foil, while others
used paper scraps.


  1. Wonderful compositions with vinyl. I used them once but with less imagination. I really love.

  2. Amazing and very beautiful creations full of colours and children's imagination !!!
    All the best to all of them !!!

  3. Muy bellos trabajos en plastica, sorprenden los niños en su creatividad, va un saludo cordial, Rodsi

  4. Beautiful collages and very original. I most importantly they are made from recycled material.

  5. Very original idea!!!Made from recycled material and children's imagination!!!Congratulations!!!Very beautiful artwork!!!Kisses from Greece.

  6. I am a big fan of both collage and recycling. I am so glad you do recycling in your art classes...I think it will turn your little students into very responsible citizens of the future. The melting is a wonderful idea and makes very useful bowls...fantastico!!
    (I know you do often use things that could be thrown away, but this idea is spectacular. Hope you didn't melt The Beatles or The Beachboys:) )


  7. So that's what I could do with my collection! I remember art camp from my youth on the East Coast, you're making such beautiful creative things these last few weeks.

  8. The records are SO cool! I've always wanted to try melting vinyl records but have been concerned about any potential smell/fumes- did the kitchen smell like melted plastic at all?

  9. It took only few minutes for the vinyl records to melt.
    No fumes at all.