Saturday, April 28, 2012

(KG) People in Motion

For this project, the students used pipe cleaners and beads to create people in some kind of movement.
I find it challenging to teach kindergarten students how to represent the human body in motion.
We looked at a variety of pictures showing people walking, jumping, and dancing. We discussed how these pictures depicted the expression of the human body.  I showed the students how they can create the movement of the body by using pipe cleaners and beads. The students were amazed on how they were able to twist and bend the pipe cleaners to create a real person in some kind of a moving pose.

Student comment: " My girl is running."

Using glue sticks to attach the yarn around the face.

Using beads and pipe cleaners to create the arms and the legs.

Student comment: " I am jumping high, and this is why my hair is crazy."

Student comment: "I am walking home fast because it is dark outside."

Choosing two colors to create a pattern..

Student comment: " I am dancing in the forest."

Student comment: " I am walking to my friend's house."

It was challenging to cut the fabric.

Student comment: "The lines around me are moving too."

Using a variety of colors to complete our artwork.

Student comment: "Look how high I can jump."

Student comment: "I am going to my friend's house to play."

Student comment: "I just wanted to put my arms on my waist."

Student comment: "This is how ballerinas dance."


  1. I really like these characters were made ​​from collage to represent the movement. Background colors are very accomplished. You have done a fantastic job.

  2. beautiful work!
    beautiful day!
    flowers and hugs

  3. Que lindo!!!!

    Todos son grandes artistas!!!!!

    Muchos saludos. Laura.

  4. Wonderful composition with beautiful colors, yes, beautiful combinations. I like.

  5. A comprehensive project on the move with great results!
    They have done some really creative and fun shapes!
    I especially like: Student comment: "This is how ballerinas dance."

  6. These remind me of work our classroom teachers had their kindergarteners do. They made similar figures dancing, motivated by Degas. Coincidentally, soon I am going to have those same kids create line abstracts using pipe cleaners to start their line designs. Will post when we finish:))

  7. Sempre bravi i tuoi studenti,idea molto originale,complimenti!!!
    Un abbraccio!!

  8. Очень интересная работа!Отличные работы ребят! Молодцы!

  9. These are simply fantastic! The use of pipe cleaners to represent the limbs is ingenious. As always, I am amazed by your use of mixed media with such young students ~ thanks for sharing these!

  10. Capturing motion is never easy. If I ever achieve it , it comes by chance, not by design.
    Your students have clearly really enjoyed the this art form and what little masterpieces they have come up with. I love the way ballerinas dance:)

  11. I really struggle with teaching my kinders and this project looks like something I'd like to try. The use of chenille stems and beads is really inspired. I don't want to buy fabric so I think I'll use my pile of scrapbook papers for the clothing. Thanks so much for sharing this project!

  12. Beautiful work!
    Colours everywhere!!!!

  13. Pat, the fabric was from a sample fabric book a parent donated to the class. You can use any king of paper.

  14. Have a good first May!!!Very excellent artwork!!! Congratulations to you and your students!!! Kisses from Greece.

  15. amazing work.. i envy your ideas!!! Bravo , my dear!

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  18. These are great, I love the combo of fabric and paint. I bet the kids loved making these!