Saturday, April 14, 2012

(G1,G2) A Lesson in Comparing and Contrasting

For this project, the students had the option to create compositions using paper, paper cleaners, and training weaving sheets. The class was separated into three groups, each working on the material of their choice.
After the completion  of the projects, we used an entire session to discuss our choices.

The discussion session provided the students with the opportunity to defend their choices, as well as to demonstrate ability to compare and contrast their work with the work of their classmates.
We discussed our color choice and combinations, sculptural quality, balance and symmetry, and degree of difficulty.

                                   This student was interested in creating a symmetrical composition.
The choice of his shape was the rectangle.

Using pipe cleaners to create an intricate design.

This student was interested in contrasting colors.
She used squares and triangles to create a collage. 

Using pipe cleaners to create a sculptural artwork.

Student comment: "I wanted my composition to be symmetrical but a little complicated in the center."

The simplicity as well as the level of difficulty was the focus on this piece.
Student comment: "I love apples."

There was a great degree of difficulty, as the student had to be careful not to tear the fragile aluminium/tissue paper in creating her composition. 

A symmetrical and balanced composition.
Students had a lot of good things to say about this artwork. 

Struggling but persisting in creating this intricate design with pipe cleaners.
Student comment: "I am missing a corner on my training sheet but it does not matter."

I watched this student as she carefully used scissors to cut her paper in long, rectangular pieces.
She then carefully used pipe cleaners around the paper.
Student comment: "I was too afraid to cut through the paper, and so I went around the paper." 

Another balanced composition.
Student comment: "This reminds me of one of my belts." 

Student comment: "I turned my training sheet over to make a sleigh."
The red pipe cleaner is the person riding the sleigh. 

Cutting the paper into thick, rectangular pieces.
The student used the pipe cleaners in a folding fashion.  

This composition was a favorite among the students.
They loved her choice of colors and shapes.
Student comment: "I used the purple square for contrast."

Despite certain limitations regarding the health of this student, I watched him working with intense concentration to make sure the pipe cleaners would appear flat on the training sheet.

Exhibiting no fear of twisting the fragile aluminum/tissue paper to create a collage.
I watched this student as he glued the three different tones of green on his aluminium paper.

Student comment: "I created a sunset window."
This work gave us the opportunity to discuses color association.


  1. Delicious compositions, I love, wonderful with great shapes and colors.

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  3. Mucho colorido en las obras, me gusta, un saludo cordial en la distancia, Rodisi

  4. What a great idea. The work has been original and creative.

  5. There is some really great work here, and you can tell the students are having a ball !

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  7. I particularly like the pieces where the kids repeated lines with a very repetitive, graphic quality!!

  8. WONDERFUL!!! Art Education is so important and lessons and ideas like these hard to come by. Check out my lessons ;)

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    Saludos. Laura.

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