Saturday, February 4, 2012

(G1) Winter Experiments

Learning how to create shades of blue.
Some students created winter landscapes, while others
mixed the color blue with clay to make a snowman. 
We discussed how the use of white was important for the creation of blue shades. 
We used a variety of brushes and observed the uniqueness of each  brushstroke.
The students had fun creating the colorful clothing for their snowmen.    

Student comment: " I am skating."

Student comment: " I made flowers under the snow."

Student comment: " I am fencing my flowers from the winter storm."

Student comment: " My snowman is happy."

Student comment: " It is a snowstorm."

Student comment: " This is a pirate snowman."

Student comment: " These blue worms are freezing."

Student comment: " My snow-girl is pretty." 

Student comment: " The four blue aliens are dancing in the snow." 

Student comment: " I love my lines and circles."

Student comment: " This  picture looks like my grandfather's farm."


  1. It is so interesting to read the kids' comments -- love the freezing worms!!

  2. Genial, me encanta este trabajo con tantos y bellos colores en estás composiciones tan artísticas y bien trabajadas obras. Un abrazo

  3. WOW! Gorgeous, I love the color and composition of these snowmen.

  4. Student comment: " The four blue aliens are dancing in the snow."
    Excellent comment!! Excellent work!

  5. Like other posters have said, the student comments are adorable! Great lesson as usual.

  6. Fantastic art work!!! Congratulations to teacher and students!!!Bravo Maria!!! Kisses from Greece.

  7. Es un placer volver por esta casa llena de arte...
    Lo cierto es que ha de ser un lujo estar rodeado de tanto arte y creación!

    Buen proyecto, sin duda...

    Un fuerte abrazo y feliz semana,


  8. Un trabajo lleno de creatividad y color, va un cordial saludo, Rodisi

  9. The freezing worms, the dancing aliens and many others could hang in a museum of classical modern art.

  10. I love your students, are fantastic
    I like his paintings and his comments
    Congratulations on your work