Saturday, April 9, 2011

(G3,G4) Cats in Art (Part I) Keith Norval 1/3

Project objective(s):
- Examine the work of three artists who use cats as their subject matter.
- We will examine the work of Laurel Burch, Rosita Wachtweister 
   and our local artist Keith Norval.
- We will compare and contrast the work of the three artists.
- We will create a picture following their style.
- We will add our own details to complete the work.

We will start examining the work of our local artist Keith Norval.
We visited Mr. Norval's studio in Artspace (Visual Center)
and had the opportunity to see the artist at work.

This is one of Mr. Norval's cats.

Mr. Norval is showing the students a picture of a cat and how it is used as an inspiration.

Mr. Norval is explaining the different elements found in his work.

Back in our "studio" we are drawing cats in the style of Mr. Norval.
The students used both pencils and sharpies to draw the cats.

 The students used water colors, markers and oil pastels to complete their artwork.

We learned that while copying and learning from the work of different artists,
 it is important to add details of our own.

 We learned how to create interesting backgrounds.

We learned how lines create different expressions.

 Our experiment in creating in the style of Mr. Norval is accomplished!


  1. These are great! Paul Klee's Cat and Bird would be a nice one to use in the comparisons too. I like Mr. Norval's style. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion.
    I am glad you liked Mr. Norval's work.

  3. I really like these Norval cats. Thanks for sending me the link. I look forward to checking in to see what you're working on at Chesterbrook. :)

  4. Great project and great work from the kids!

    Love Keith Norval's work! I used to work on Blake Street (at VAE), and I loved visiting ArtSpace and the folks there. I really miss First Fridays downtown. Your blog makes me homesick!

  5. I love these and I think I might try using these with colors and feelings instead of people this year!!! Thanks for sharing!!