Thursday, April 28, 2011

(G3,G4) The cats of Laurel Burch Part III/ Comparison and evaluation (Keith Norval, and Rosita Wachtmeister)

Laurel Anne Harte was born in the San Fernando Valley on New Year's Eve, 1945.
She began making jewelry and selling it on the streets of San Francisco from tackle boxes.
Some local stores liked her work and they began stocking her creations.
She went to China in 1971 and discovered cloisonné, a kind of enamel work, with which she designed paintings and had the design transfered into earrings.
She used cast metal, wood, paper, porcelain, and fabric in her works. In an interview she stated: "I found metal in a junkyard and hammered it out on the back of an old frying pan".
She died in 2007 aged 61, at her home in Novato, California from complications of osteopetrosis,  a painful bone disease she had her entire life.

Project objective(s):
- Examine the pictures of Laurel Burch's cats
- Compare Laruel Burch's cats with the cats of Rosita Wachtmeister
- How Keith Norval's cats are different from the cats of Laurel Burch and Rosita Wachtmeister

Students are creating their own patterns.

Using both markers and water colors.

  We used metal pieces in our design just like Laurel Burch.

The student named his cat "Grandpa George".

Lines and patterns.

Add your own details to complete your art work.


  1. These are great too! I love grandpa George, with the silver stripes, most.
    Nice to see how Rosina (with n) Wachtmeister's cats a introduced in the USA.

  2. Beautiful work! Your students' pieces are so bright and the addition of metal pieces was genius! I will definitely have to give my Laurel Burch cats a makeover next year.

    Thanks for the ideas!

  3. And the metal pieces came from the foil cover of a yogurt cup.