Saturday, October 6, 2012

Exploring Symmetry and Balance

We explored symmetry and balance in art by observing the patterns in butterflies.
After examining how the balance and symmetry was achieved, the students worked in creating their own symmetrical butterflies.
The project had four steps. Step one: We used pencils to draw our butterflies. Step two: We made an effort to draw the same images in both sides. Step three: We use black sharpies over our pencil lines. Step four: We used markers and water colors to complete our composition.


  1. So cheerful....wonderful and I have learned a new technique:)

  2. Lovely work. The backgrounds are beautiful and interesting, and using the marker to color the insects really makes them stand out. :)

  3. What kind of markers do you use?

  4. These are spectacular! When my little grandniece who is now 18 months old and loves butterflies gets a bit older I'll try this with her!

  5. Beautiful work. Symmetry is complicated and yet have managed to capture the reference.
    Congratulations to the young artist.

  6. Hello, Chesterbrook Academy Elementary.

      Your work is embraced in your gentleness.
      And sweet message charms my heart.

      The prayer for all peace.
      I wish You all the best.

    Have a good day. from Japan, ruma ❀

  7. wonderful!!! well done!! I am amazed by these butterflies!!