Saturday, March 19, 2011

(PS) Flowers with feelings

Project objective(s):
- Looking at pictures of flowers and discussing colors, lines and patterns
- Choose lines, colors and shapes to help show mood
- Use both markers and crayons in your composition

  We looked at pictures of flowers and discussed how colors can evoke certain feelings.

Remembering the guidelines for color fencing, contouring and pressing our crayons.

Student comment: "My flower can be happy or moody".

Student comment: " My flower looks like a rainbow, and this means my flower is happy".

Student comment: " Pink and yellow are happy colors".

Student  comment: " The blue color will protect my flower from the rain".

The student planned her composition so that she included both warm and cool colors.

Student comment: " I wanted my flowers to have ten petals. The three purple petals are moody".

This student wanted me to guess which petal was the "moody" one?
I said the one with the black and orange stripes.
Student comment: " You are correct".

Student comment: " My flower wants to give me a hug".

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