Thursday, July 7, 2011

(G4) Sculptural experiments

For the last two weeks some of the students have been working with clay.
Since we did not have a kiln we had some unfortunate accidents. 
The students learned that, while in the process of creating art, little accidents can often turn into great successes. 

Student comment: "I made a person".

Student comment: "This mannequin is happy".

Student comment: "I made a tall cactus". 
The cactus part was originally a second pinch pot that broke.  

Student comment: " We will never know if he likes orange and red".  

Student comment: "The big rock is resting after a thunderstorm".

Student comment:  "My mannequin is dancing".

The balancing act.

Student comment: " I glued the pieces and made a dinosaur".
Another happy accident.

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  1. I especially appreciate your taking the time to chronicle the students comments. That makes me feel as though I am genuinely standing over your shoulder!!! LOVE it!

    Hard to pick a favorite, but I'd choose "Balancing Act" if given only one vote.

    Happy summer!