Sunday, July 10, 2011

(Pr-K) Creating art with Paper Mache Pulp

My Pre-Kindergarten students kept asking me to do a Paper Mache project for a while.
I decided it was their turn to experience the magic of Paper Mache. 
The inspiration for this project came from the book "The Sun is My Favorite Star" by Frank Asch.
The students decided to create rainbows and trees based on the story.

We tore the copy paper into tiny pieces and put them in a large bowl.
We covered the paper with warm water and let it soak for half an hour.
We squeezed the excess water and separated the paper pulp into several bowls. 
We added two tablespoons of glue in each bowl.
Our paper pulp was done when we could no longer see lumps. 

Our favorite part was adding the water colors to the mixture.

Student comment: "My hands feel sticky". 

Student comment: "I made a fat rainbow".

We learned how to create a variety of greens for our trees. 

Student comment: "I like my darkest green". 

Student comment: "The sun makes my tree green".

In the middle of our lesson, we spied a little squirrel demonstrating his acrobatic abilities.
We stopped what we were doing and took a picture of our little acrobat. 
Student comment: "I do not think I can do this". 

Student comment: "Pink is my favorite color".

Student comment: "My sun looks like the sunflowers in our garden".


  1. These turned out really nice. I should try ours with a little bit of glue mixed in. You can see ours here:

  2. Mi piacciono questi lavori. Cosi voluminosi - quasi scultura!

  3. Google translates Tatiana's comment(Italian to English)

    I like this work. So large - nearly sculpture

  4. Super!!! Very good idea! and 3d work! thank you! kisses from Greece.