Friday, July 22, 2011

(KG) The Beauty of Coral Reefs

We used the wax resist method to create our compositions.
The Kindergarten students used black sharpies and pastels to draw their design.
We used water colors to complete our artwork.

Student comment: "I am fishing underwater."

This project was inspired by the book Colorful Captivating Coral Reefs written by Dorothy Hinshaw
and illustrated by Kendahl JanJubb.

Student comment: "The little fish are following mommy. The daddy is looking for food."

Student comment: "I made a rainbow fish."

Student comment: "These are flowers on the bottom of the ocean."

Student comment: "My fish are lining up to go on a field trip."

Student comment: "My fish want to fight the jelly fish".


  1. Gorgeous work Marilena...
    lucky kids to have you there..
    thanks for wonderful message!

  2. Such lovely, lovely work; so colourful and full of wonderful observations.
    sue xx

  3. Bellissime opere e le frase!

  4. Google translates Tatiana's comment:

    Beautiful works and words!

  5. Wonderfull! Bravo Marilena, a very good teacher!!! kisses from Greece.