Thursday, July 28, 2011

(Pre-K) Drawing from Observation (Part I)

Pre-Kindergarten students used a ball of clay to create leaves.
We learned how to use our hands to shape the clay.  
We used clay tools to create the veins of the leaves.
The students examined the details on the leaves and practiced observation drawing.

Using a clay pencil to create the veins of the leaf.

The students did well as they were encouraged to study the clay leaf carefully
before drawing it. I encouraged them to make lots of mistakes and draw over the
mistakes so they can learn more.

Student comment:   "The clay gets stuck on my clay pencil."

Student comment: " My leaf is long."

Student comment: "I can draw many lines."

Observing and drawing the thickness of the clay leaf.


  1. This is a very good exercise to get them to be not afraid of drawing.

    I think it is very useful to incorporate creating a 3-d object with drawing it...develops a sense of form.
    Sue xx

    One thing we did on this course was to draw something, but not to look at what the drawing hand was doing. This gave rise to some interesting results.
    Sue xx

  2. Bravvissimi bambini! mi piaccono tanto questi esercizi

  3. Goggle translates Tatiana's comment:

    "Bravvissimi kids! I like both these exercises."

  4. love ur blog. shared the link on my blog. i wait for ur posts. love the work kids do and their words make me smile and at times laugh too. thanks