Tuesday, July 12, 2011

(G4) Collage Compositions

The students cut out pictures from magazines and created original collages.
I instructed them to use one element from the original artwork to create a unique background. 

The student erased the flowers in the girl's dress and used a floral theme for the background.

Student comment: "She looks like Lady Gaga."

This student created her own pair of summer pants.

The connection of art and language.

This student created a habitat for the caterpillar and butterfly.

Mixed media material was used to complete this composition.

Colorful ties for this student.

The roundness of the petals in this student's artwork is inspired by Jeff Koons' "Balloon Flower (Magenta)".


  1. These are so wonderfully creative!! Your students came up with some gorgeous and inventive bakcgrounds for their subject matter. What grade created these? I love every single one. :)

  2. Thank you for the nice comments Mary.
    The collage project was done by a mixed group of third and fourth graders.

  3. These are magical, Marilena! Your students did some great work here. Very, very nice.

  4. Beautiful! I like the one with the pants mostly!

  5. Wow! I love the first one- very Henri Rousseau!

  6. Ha,ha! "I can wear rubber bands in public." That is hilarious! Some one is feeling exceptionally free. You made my day.

  7. Blogger would not let me post a comment from my Dashboard and so I had to copy and paste.

    Mrs. Campbell has left a new comment on your post: "Collage Compositions"

    "These are brilliant, so creative and individual. Real works of art.

  8. Mrs. Campell's blog is http://thejuniorschoolartroom.blogspot.com/

  9. These are really wonderful! So expressive. I love the first one, as well.

    Are you getting geared up for the start of the school year or are you guys still in camp mode? I'll be teaching from an art cart this year...yikes! (Grateful, though!)

  10. Hi Rebecca,

    We are still in camp mode.
    We are remodeling the Elementary section of the school this summer. We hope everything will be ready before school starts.

    I had to teach from an art cart the first year; it was not fun but somehow I made it :)

  11. Absolutely stunning works! I would proudly put any of these on my walls at home. Congratulations! Jenny