Saturday, May 14, 2011

(G1) For the love of sunflowers (Part II)

Project objective(s):
- Look at pictures of sunflowers
- Discuss the shape and size of petals in sunflowers
- How to use different colors to create depth in your artwork

Demonstrating how to use different colors to create depth.

The before picture of the sunflower.

This student outlined the petals using a red marker.

The same student by adding pastels created a red sunflower.

Using yellow and green water colors. 

Adding yellow and blue pastels.

The direction of petals was important to this student.

The overlapping or not the overlapping of petals.

The red sunflower with seven leaves.

The yellow sunflower with four leaves.

The scale of the petals.

Clean lines for this sunflower.   


  1. Thanks for your comments, what fantastic projects you are doing to enliven the creative spirit in your students. xox Corrine

  2. These are gorgeous!!!
    I am so inspired by your blog and have happily added it to my blog reader. Thank you so much for sharing:)