Tuesday, October 26, 2010

(KG) Learning about a variety of lines found in the environment (Lines and trees)

Project Objective(s):
-Through the studying of lines we can understand the structure of objects in our environment.
-Learning about the different kind of lines.
-Learning the vocabulary of lines.
-Lines communicate ideas.

Understanding how to draw a variety of lines by observing the tree model.

It takes patience and concentration to draw a variety of lines.

Looking at the tree model is helpful in understanding the structure of a tree.
Sharing information with my friend is also helpful.

Using wet chalks to color over the lines was the fun part of the art lesson. 

I am proud to display my finished product.The blue spot on my right eye is not eye shadow.

Understanding that lines can help us understand the structure of objects in the natural environment.

I can smile now that my tree is done.


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