Wednesday, October 27, 2010

(G2,G3,G4) The Challenge of the rock, the floral wire and the bead

Project Objective(s)
-Learning about the properties of different materials (rocks, wire, beads).
-Patience and concentration are important factors in completing projects.  
-Using logic to facilitate the completion of the project. 

It takes concentration and patience to wrap a wire around a rock.
The student is working on the third step which is to pass beads through the wire.

The student after he was successful in wrapping the wire around the rock, he is working on the third step of passing beads through the wire. 

The student is practicing eye-hand coordination in order to pass the beads through the wire.

A big smile after multiple tries in finding the right rocks for this project!
"If I had to give a title for this project, it would be: Rocks are stubborn"

The student has all four rocks hanging from the wire. This battle is over.

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