Tuesday, October 26, 2010

(G2, G3, G4) The Challenge of the Pin

Project Objective(s)
-Learning the importance of eye-hand coordination.
-Use logic to make decisions on where the pins should be attached.      
-Learning that patience and concentration are part of the artistic process.

How difficult can it be to attach a pin on a flat piece of wood?
The students are learning what in art is referred to as "The illusion of ease".
It took about five minutes to securely attach the pin on this piece of wood.

"I need the strenght of my upper body to secure this pin on the piece of wood".

" If I push my chair back, and position my hands this way, and use both hands, maybe this stubborn pin will go in!"

"When will I get to the rock part? Attaching these pins is taking too long!"

Using logic to determine how far one should place the pins from one another.

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