Saturday, May 12, 2012

(Pr-K) The Ink Monsters

For this projects our young students created ink monsters.
We read the book: "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak who wrote and illustrated the book.
The students loved the story and could not wait to create their own unique ink monsters. The students were free to add lines after their ink design was set to make their monster even scarier.
The students had the option to use straws to spread the ink, fold the paper in hald, or shake the paper in different directions making sure the ink would not escape from the paper.

This student took care to spread the ink by shaking the paper.

The Ooos and Ahhs as he watched his scary monster appearing on the paper.

He decided to outline the ink lines, and also added a horn and sharp teeth.
Student comment: "My dinosaur is a fast runner."

Student comment: "My girl monster is wearing pink lipstick." 

This is an example of folding the paper in half.
Student comment: "I made a scary bat, but she is nice because she has beautiful clothes." 

Student comment: "I made an alien monster with many legs and scary teeth."

Student comment: "My monster is sad because it is raining and he is lost."

Student comment: "My monster was not nice to his mother and he went to bed without eating his dinner."

Student comment: "My monster is dancing in the wild forest."

Student comment: "My monster is the king of the forest."

Student comment: "Everyone is afraid of my scary lizard."

Student comment: "Max ( the little boy in the book) is scared of my monster. He can fly on his head."  

Student comment: "My monster wants to go back home, because she missed her bedroom."

Student comment: " I am calling Max to come back to the wild forest."

Spreading the ink by using a straw.
I had a few students that attempted this technique.

Student comment: "Max turned into a monster and he stayed in the wild forest for ever."

Student comment: "I will ride on the back of my monster to go back home."

Student comment: "I am looking for Max; where are you Max? you have to go back home."


  1. I love reading all the kids' comments. It is interesting how many emotions they express: scared, lost, cheerful, powerful, etc. A language arts teacher could take these and really expand the lesson in that direction. I also love the students' attention to detail in their monsters.

  2. The powerful emotions really come out in these! They did a wonderful job exploring and creating.
    Did you use india ink? Did it dry fairly quickly before they started painting?

  3. Shannah,I use India ink, which I diluted with water. It dried faster.

  4. I love monster art, I'll be giving this a try! Your kids did a great job.

  5. A real fun for kids to paint monsters and fear flies away.
    Ciao Gabriella

  6. A quite creative work. I loved it!
    These monsters are very original.
    A greeting.

  7. As always great concepts to try with children, thank you for sharing, i just love this blog.
    Love from New Zealand

  8. Madame L.,

    Such a fun and unique project with the addition of painted lines on TOP of the ink monsters. I will definitely add this to my list of must try projects! Thanks for a great post.


  9. A very interesting proposal where each student has let their imaginations from a smudge made ​​at random. Great monsters seem to come from other worlds. This idea I will try with my students. A hug and see you soon.

  10. Very interesting art works !!!
    Have a nice and very calm Sunday !!!

  11. What fantastic got me wanting to play along:)

  12. I love his work ...
    his talent has given me many inspirations ...

  13. Delicious compositions, really great and full of creativity, I love those colors.

  14. Very interesting technic! I will try it too, with my classroom!

  15. Otro buen trabajo de los chicho, quienes amplian la imaginación... un saludo cordial, Rodisi

  16. Καταπληκτικά έργα !!! φανταστικά!!!Μπράβο σας!!!Ωραία ιδέα για τους μαθητές μου! ευχαριστώ πολύ!φιλάκια από την Ελλάδα!!!
    Marvellous art work!!! Fantastic!!!Congratulations!!Kisses from Greece.